KM-8 junction box


KM-8 junction box is designed to accommodate electronic or wiring components and to protect them against environmental exposure. The product is equipped with a magnetic contact detector for unauthorized access warning.

The product is manufactured in accordance with TU 26.30.50-077-31006686-2017.

Climatic version of the boxes is compatible with UHL1.5 GOST 15150-69. IP rating is IP66.

Description of the products:

KM-8 box accommodates a 35mm DIN rail, 8/1 grounding bus, two-tier terminal block, five PGA7-08G cable glands and four PGA10-11G cable glands.

Upon request, two options of surge protection devices may be mounted on DIN rail:

1) SP-E Ethernet 10/100Base-ТХ port protection device (x 3) and SP-24DC/5 (or SP-24AC/5) secondary power supply protection device (x 1) – Fig.1b;

2) SP-EP protection device for Ethernet ports with PоЕ (x 4) – Fig. 1c.


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Specifications Значение
PGA7-08G cable gland – Ø 8 ÷ 4 mm cable x 5
PGA11-10G cable gland – Ø 10 ÷ 6 mm cable  x4
35mm DIN rail  x1
Two-tier terminal block (cross section of connected wires is up to 4 mm²)  x2
8/1 grounding bus (cross section of connected wires is up to 10 mm²)  x1
Magnetic contact detector  x1
SP-E upon request
SP-24DC/5 upon request
SP-EP upon request

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