KC-2 bracket


KC-2 bracket is designed to attach КМ-4 , КМ-5 and КМ-6 junction boxes, and BPU-1 and BPG-75V power supply units to square and round supports, Æ = 115 ÷ 135 mm (other size is available upon request) and to attach (secure) feeder cables and metal hoses.

KC-2 is manufactured in accordance with TU 26.30.50-077-31006686-2017.

Scope of supply:

Bracket – x 1;

Plate – x 1;

Screw clamp – x 2;

6х180 cable tie – x 4;

М8х14 bolt – x 4;

4х9.5 self-tapping screw – x 8;

Label – x 1;

Transport packaging – x 1


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