SP-V video transmission and power supply circuit protection device


The protective device SP-V is intended for protection of signal circuits and power supply circuits of equipment of reception and transmission of the video signal operating on the extended symmetrical and asymmetrical lines from pulse overvoltage and interference caused by high-energy electromagnetic pulses (lightning discharges, switching interference, etc.)
SP-V produced by “Tahion” are used as overvoltage protection within 1а (b) – 2 lightning protection zones (in accordance with IEC 61312-1).
The product is used to protect CCTV equipment, industrial automation, alarm systems, high definition television equipment operating in the AHD, HDCVI and HDTVI standards, etc.

Equipment to be protected: video cameras, video recorders and video servers, monitors, twisted pair transmission equipment.

• The product is manufactured according to technical SPECIFICATIONS 26.30.50-077-31006686-2017.
• The device meets the requirements of GOST IEC 61643-21 and GOST IEC 61000-4-5 in terms of technical and operational characteristics.
• The device is available in a plastic case with mounting on a 35mm DIN rail.

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Technical specifications:


Description Value
Signal circuit:
C2 Max. discharge current (8/20) (Imax) 10 кА
Nominal operating voltage 6 V
Voltage protection level at Imax 15 V
Insertion loss 0.5 dB
Uneven frequency response in the range up to 50 MHz, no more 1 dB
Response time <30 ns
Power supply circuit:
Nominal operating voltage, UN 12/24 V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage, UC 16/28 V
Rated load current IL <1,5 А
Overall and installation dimensions: 0,5 А
C2 Max. discharge current (8/20) Imax 10 кА
C2 Voltage protection level at Imax 30/50 V
Series impedance per line 1 Ohm
Loss at In 0,5 V
Response time <30 ns
Number of protected pairs:
signal 1
feeding 1
Cross-section of the connected wires, no more than 2.5 mm2
Operating temperature range -55° С ÷ +85° С
Overall dimensions 38 х 55,5 х 17mm
Gross weight 90 g

Overall and installation dimensions:

Сonnection scheme:

To select the voltage and line type, move the jumpers on the X5 and X6 pin connectors to the specified position.
Coaxial line connection diagram:

Symmetrical line connection diagram:

When using two SP-V (on the transmitting and receiving sides), the shield must be grounded only at one point and have no contact with metal structures anywhere. The ground point of the shield is determined by the object conditions.

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