Alarm system line equipment protection device SP-A12


The protective devices SP-A12 is intended for protection of equipment connected to the alarm detection circuits, communication lines and secondary power supply lines of alarm systems against surge overvoltage (lightning and electrostatic discharges, etc.) within lightning protection zones 1 to 2 (in accordance with IEC 61312-1).
Every device of this series has two similar channels to protect both signal and power supply lines.

Protected equipment: security detectors (SD), fire alarm control panels (FACP), alarm circuit network controllers (ACNC), etc.

• The device meets the requirements of GOST IEC 61643-21 and GOST IEC 61000-4-5 in terms of technical and operational characteristics.
• Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254 IP20.
• Structurally, the SP-A12 is made in a plastic case with a 35mm DIN rail mounting.
• The product is manufactured according to technical SPECIFICATIONS 26.30.50-077-31006686-2017.

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Technical specifications:

Description Значение
Number of protected pairs 2
Nominal operating voltage UN 12 V DC
Max. continuous operating voltage UС 16 V DC
Rated load current IL 100 mA
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs) In Line-to-line / line-to-ground 5 / 5 kA
C2 Max. discharge current (8/20) Imax 10 kA
C2 Voltage protection level at In Line-to-line / line-to-ground 32 / 32 V
Series impedance per line 2,7 Ohm
Data transmission rate, maximum 1 Mbit / s
Operating temperature range – 55°C ÷ +85°C
Overall dimensions 89 х 58 х 35 mm
Gross weight 90 g
Test category per IEC 61643-21 C 2

Overall and installation dimensions:

Circuit diagram:

Сonnection scheme:

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