Power supply protection device SP-230


The protection device SP-220 is designed to protect equipment connected to to 220V AC power supply lines .

SPF-220 is Class III single-phase protection device meeting the requirements of GOST R 51992-2002 (IEC 61643-1-98), GOST R 50030.1-2000, and GOST R 50571.19-2000 by specifications and performance. SPF-220/8 is used in networks with TN-S grounding system and to be installed within 1 a(b) to 2 lightning protection zones (according to IEC 1312-1).

The alarm signal about a dysfunction of SP-220 is passed into the external signalling circuit.

It may be taken from contacts #4, 5 (NC).

  • The degree of climate protection according to GOST 14254 is IP20.
  • The device is available in a plastic case with mounting on a 35mm DIN rail.

→ Technical specificationsи
→ Overall and installation dimensions
→ Сonnection scheme

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Technical specifications:

Description Value
Nominal operating voltage 230 V
Maximum operating voltage 275 V
phase/neutral phase/ground neutral/ground
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs) In, kА 3 kА 3 kА 5 kА
Test pulse voltage (Uoc) 6 kV 6 kV 10 kV
Voltage protection level at Uoc 850 V 1500 V 700 V
Response time, maximum 25 ns 100 ns 100 ns
Remote alarm contacts:
– maximum switching current 3 А
– maximum switching voltage 250 V
Operating temperature range -55°С ¸ +80°С
Overall dimensions 89 х 58 х 35 mm

Overall and installation dimensions:

Сonnection scheme:

SP-220 MUST BE GROUNDED and installed in the immediate proximity to the protected equipment.

WARNING: for connection of SP-220, ensure that the phase wire on the distribution board has Class gG fuse or current release device as shown in the diagram.

Contacts 4, 5 (NC) are intended to read the information about the device failure due to lightning or other surge overvoltage impacts.

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