ZVS-3 vertical earth rod


The vertical earth rod (ZVS) is designed to be used as a vertical grounding component (electrode).

The vertical earth rod is used to install the following types of grounding:

– protective earthing to ensure personnel safety;

– system grounding to ensure normal operation of electrical installations;

– lightning protection grounding to discharge lightning currents to ground or to limit lightning overvoltage.

The vertical earth rod may be mounted at a depth from 0.5 m to 30 m.

The earth rod meets the requirements of GOST R 50571.10-96 (IEC 364-5-54) and is approved for use in the Russian Federation in accordance with revisions to EIC (Technical Information Letter of Roselektromontazh Association No. 11/2006 as of 16 October, 2006).

Scope of supply:

High impact head – x 1;

Coupling sleeve – x 3;

Earth rod – x 3;

Lug – x 1;

Multi-purpose clamp – x 1;

Sealing tape – x 1.


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Specifications Value
Длина стержня заземления 1500 mm
Глубина монтажа ЗВС (без учета глубины приямка) 4,5 m
Диаметр стержня заземления 16mm
Покрытие ЗВС цинковое толщиной не менее 100mcm
Срок службы > 30 years
Gross weight, max. 8,3 kg


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